Cleanroom moulding

Our flexible  cleanroom moulding protocol allows automatic moulded components to be manufactured in a Class 5  environment. Our facilities mean we have the capability to create medical devices in a sterile environment.

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Our Cleanroom is classified to ISO 14644-1:2015 approved for Class 5 moulding and Class 7 moulding, assembly and 2 colour printing. This allows us to manufacture medical devices and biotech packaging for medical purposes.

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Alternatively our Class 7 environment allows cleanroom plastic injection moulding, assembly, 2 colour printing and packing ready for dispatch ready for customer sterilisation.

cleanroom moulding


Meeting requirements

We have the capability to expand the cleanroom injection moulding environment to suit demand going forward.


Cleanroom moulding is a highly specialised manufacturing process that involves the use of a controlled environment to produce high-quality components. At Biplas, we take great pride in our cleanroom moulding capabilities, which enable us to manufacture complex medical devices and other precision components that meet the most stringent industry standards. With our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced team of engineers, we can provide our clients with customised solutions that address their specific needs and requirements. Our cleanroom moulding process ensures that every component we produce is free from contamination and defects, ensuring consistent quality and reliability.

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Cleanroom Moulding FAQs

What is Cleanroom Moulding?

Cleanroom moulding is a specialized injection moulding process conducted in a controlled environment to ensure product cleanliness and reduce contamination risk which are highly regulated spaces designed to minimise airborne particles, contaminants, and other impurities to ensure the production of extremely high-quality and often sensitive products, particularly in industries like medical devices, pharmaceuticals and electronics.

Why should I choose cleanroom moulding for my project?

Cleanroom moulding is ideal for applications requiring high cleanliness standards, such as medical devices and electronics, to minimise particulate contamination.

What are the cleanliness standards in cleanroom moulding?

Cleanroom moulding typically adheres to ISO 14644-1 or similar standards, specifying maximum allowable airborne particle counts within the cleanroom.

How to maintain cleanliness in the cleanroom moulding process?

Cleanroom moulding facilities employ strict protocols, including air filtration, gowning and monitoring, to prevent contamination during production.

Does cleanroom moulding affect lead times and costs?

Yes, cleanroom moulding can increase lead times and costs due to the added complexity of maintaining a controlled environment and ensuring product quality.

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