Injection moulding tooling

Injection mould tooling
Effective injection mould tooling using the latest high speed machines for milling and spark erosion.

Injection mould tooling

Biplas in-house toolroom and China toolroom enables us to offer competitive tooling using the latest high speed CNC machines for milling and spark erosion. Tool steel from aluminium single impression prototype through to P20 and fully hardened multi cavity tools with valve gate hot runner systems.

Injection mould tooling

“Satisfied, Biplas is a supplier that finds ways to save cost on tooling and very competitive with piece cost”

Mould tooling

In-house toolroom

Modifications, refurbishments and repairs are all controlled by our in-house toolroom including maintenance plans ensuring our 1 million shot tool life guarantee on new tools manufactured by Biplas, giving you piece of mind when choosing us.

 Injection moulding tooling is a critical component in the manufacturing process, and at Biplas, we have extensive experience in producing high-quality injection mould tooling. Our in-house toolroom and China toolroom are equipped with the latest high-speed CNC machines for milling and spark erosion, allowing us to produce tooling with exceptional precision and accuracy. We offer a range of tool steel options, from single impression prototypes made from aluminium to fully hardened multi-cavity tools with valve gate hot runner systems. Our team of skilled engineers and technicians work closely with our clients to ensure that the tooling is designed and manufactured to meet their specific requirements. We also offer a range of maintenance and repair services for injection moulding tooling to ensure that our clients’ tooling remains in top condition for optimal performance. Whether you need a single prototype or high-volume production runs, our injection moulding tooling capabilities are designed to deliver the best possible results at the most competitive prices. Contact us today to learn more about our injection moulding tooling services and how we can help you with your next project.

Biplas maintenance plans

shot tool life guarantee

Injection mould tooling you can rely on

Biplas inhouse toolroom manufactures injection mould tooling using its capability in milling and spark erosion to produce high precision tooling.

The combination of our tool design knowledge from working in a wide range of demanding industries requiring very tight tolerance components using our injection mould tooling manufacturing in both our tool manufacturing sites.

China toolroom enables use to offer competitive injection mould tooling using the latest high speed CNC milling and spark erosion machines.

Tool steel from single impression aluminium for prototyping and 3D printed inserts to suit our standard bolster, through to P20 and fully hardened multi cavity tools with valve gate hot runner systems.

Our milling and spark erosion capacity is available to carry out our customers requirements which takes advantage of our engineering knowledge developed in the automotive, gas fracking, electronics, military and medical fields.

Due to our extensive planned maintenance for customers injection moulding tooling which carries our 1 million shot guarantee on all tool components. This enables our customers to keep a tight budget on spending during the life of the moulded product and assemblies.

Using our approved tooling partners with can also offer micro moulding tooling to suit our new micro moulding facility.

Injection Mould Tooling FAQs

What is Injection moulding tooling?

Injection moulding tooling refers to the moulds, dies, and associated components used to shape and produce plastic or metal parts through injection moulding. Tooling is a key component in the manufacturing process, and its design and quality have a direct impact on the final product’s quality, consistency, and cost-effectiveness.

What are injection tools?

Injection tools are precision-engineered moulds used in injection moulding processes to shape molten plastic or other materials into desired products or components. These tools are essential for manufacturing a wide range of plastic parts with accuracy and consistency.

Why is injection moulding tooling so expensive?

Injection moulding tooling is expensive due to the high precision, durability, and complexity required to create moulds that can consistently produce quality parts. The cost covers materials, engineering, machining, and testing to ensure reliability and performance over numerous production cycles.

What is the difference between tooling and moulding?

Tooling refers to the creation and maintenance of moulds, which are the precision-engineered tools used in injection moulding. Moulding, on the other hand, is the actual manufacturing process where molten material is injected into a mould tool to produce finished parts or products.

What is the typical lead time for tooling production?

The typical lead time for tooling production in injection moulding design is 4-12 weeks, depending on complexity and customisation.

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