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Injection Moulding Machine Capacity

We have a wide range of injection moulding machinery that are capable of varying specifications. Check out each of their product capabilities below.

Our injection moulding machinery

With over 40 years experience, we have a great collection of injection moulding machinery to suit a variety of job types and sectors.

10 tonnes – Babyplast 10/12

Distance between tiebars = 122 x 122
Platen size = 90 x 90
Shot weight in PS = 7 GMS.

Engel injection moulding machinery
20 Tonne Engel ES 80/20 HLS
Tiebar less – Platen size 380 x 470
Short weight in PS = 38 GMS
Arburg injection moulding machinery
35 Tonne Arburg (Vertical) 221M 350 -75U
Distance between tiebars = 221
Platen size = 342 x 250
Shot weight in PS = 41 GMS
sandretto injection moulding machinery
50 Tonne Sandretto Micro 247/50
Distance between tiebars = 370 x 370
Platen size = 535 x 535
Shot weight in PS = 85 GMS
arburg injection moulding machinery
60 Tonne Arburg Allrounder 370 E
Distance between tiebars = 370 x 370
Platen size = 574 x 534
Shot weight in PS = 77 GMS
sandretto injection moulding machinery
80 Tonne Sandretto Micro 430/80
Distance between tiebars = 415 x 415
Platen size = 600 x 600
Shot weight in PS = 194 GMS
100 Tonne Arburg Allrounder 420C

Distance between tiebars 460 x 460
Platen size 690 x 690
Shot weight in PS 132 GMS

Yizumi 120 tonne Yizumi UN90A5EU

Distance between tiebars = 410 x 410
Platen size = 623 x 623
Shot weight in PS = 146 GMS

160 Tonne Yuzumi UN120A5-EU

Distance between tiebars 460 x 460
Platen size 690 x 690
Shot weight in PS 283 GMS

sandretto injection moulding machinery
165 Tonne Sandretto Series 9
Distance between tiebars = 460 x 460
Platen size = 690 x 690
Shot weight in PS = 300 GMS
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Our Capacity FAQs

What is Injection Molding Machine Capacity?
Injection molding machine capacity refers to the maximum amount of material, typically measured in terms of grams or ounces, that a particular machine can accommodate and process during a single cycle. It’s crucial for determining the size and scale of projects that can be undertaken using that specific machine.
How is Injection Molding Machine Capacity Calculated?
Injection molding machine capacity is calculated based on the volume of the injection unit, which includes the maximum shot size and the maximum injection pressure. This calculation helps in determining the machine’s capability to handle different sizes and complexities of molds and products.
What Factors Determine Injection Molding Machine Capacity?
Several factors contribute to determining the capacity of an injection molding machine, including the size and design of the machine, the type of material being used, the complexity of the mold, and the required production cycle time. These factors collectively influence the machine’s ability to produce high-quality molded products efficiently.
How Does Injection Plastic Moulding Machine Capacity Impact Production?
Injection plastic moulding machine capacity directly affects production efficiency and output. Machines with higher capacity can accommodate larger molds and produce more significant quantities of parts in a shorter period, leading to increased productivity and reduced manufacturing costs per unit.
What is BIPLAS's Injection Molding Machine Capacity?
At BIPLAS, our state of the art injection molding facility is equipped with a diverse range of machines featuring varying capacities to cater to the specific requirements of our clients.